Mobile Smalltalk

I have just discovered this interesting article about running Smalltalk on iOS and Android.

Mobile Smalltalk

Well, writing your own VM is not for the faint-hearted, of course.


Software Complexity Is Killing Us

I like this article by Justin Etheredge. However, I doubt that the software industry will ever change. Let’s face it, industrial software development is just like that.

I think that one of the problems is that most product owners or product managers want to get features for their money. It’s already difficult to get agreement from them to reduce technical risk. It’s even more difficult to get agreement to remove features to reduce complexity.

Getting Started with Docker

I have just finished a nice little Docker tutorial from Taylor Lovett. If you are just getting started with Docker, then I recommend you have a look at his tutorial.

I’m using Docker on Ubuntu, by the way. Here’s a tutorial specifically for Ubuntu.

Ein Tutorial auf Deutsch: Grundkurs Docker –