Use Vim as a Python IDE

Liu-Cheng Xu writes about using Vim as a Python IDE.

how to use vim as a python ide

Can not wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.


Emacs 25.1 has been released

As announced on emacs-devel mailing list:

“Highlights of this release include:

  • Emacs can now load shared/dynamic libraries (modules)
  • Experimental support for Cairo drawing
  • Enhanced network security (TLS/SSL certificate validity and the
  • New minor mode ‘electric-quote-mode’ for using curved quotes as you
  • Character folding support in isearch.el
  • Xwidgets: a new feature for embedding native widgets inside Emacs
  • New and improved facilities for inserting Unicode characters”
Emacs 25.1 has been released

Editors in the cloud(s)

With more and more things moving into the cloud, you can now find a bunch of online editors for your favourite language. I told you about Plunker in a recent post. But there’s more.

There are some more but these are the ones that I have tried. They are very useful if you just want to try out small code snippets or maybe a bit more.

Editors in the cloud(s)

The Plunker Web IDE

I have just discovered Plunker. “Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.

  • Real-time code collaboration
  • Fully-featured, customizable syntax editor
  • Live previewing of code changes
  • As-you-type code linting
  • Forking, commenting and sharing of Plunks
  • Fully open-source on GitHub under the MIT license”

If you are doing web development, you might want to have a look at it. –

The Plunker Web IDE