Project delays and Software Estimation

Christian Maioli Mackeprang writes about software estimation.

Project delays: why good software estimates are impossible

He talks about the problem of estimating the implementation. But I think the bigger problem are missing requirements. How to estimate if people have no idea what they want?


Squeak 5 is out!

The Weekly Squeak


From: Chris Muller,

In the 17 months since Squeak 4.5 was released, a huge development effort took place to create the next generation virtual-machine for the Squeak / Pharo / Newspeak family of programming systems.  Squeak is the modern incarnation of the Smalltalk-80 programming environment originally developed at the Xerox PARC.

Bert VM Icon

“Squeak 5” introduces this new VM and associated new memory model, collectively referred to as “Spur”.  Presented [1] by Eliot Miranda and Clément Béra at the 2015 International Symposium on Memory Management, this new VM affords Squeak applications a significant boost in performance and memory management.  Among other optimizations, the #become operation no longer requires a memory scan.

Object pinning and ephemerons are also now supported.  The release notes [2] provide more details.


The new memory model requires a new image file format.  Although this new format results in about a 15% increased memory requirement for the same number…

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Squeak 5 is out!

Check out the New Squeak Website

The Weekly Squeak


A lot of work has gone into the new website.  Go check it out!

Nice work to everyone that worked on it, it’s beautiful and well organized!

[announcement on Squeak-dev]

Dear Smalltalkers

I am pleased to announce new look of the Squeak Website

Personally, I want to thank Fabio Niephaus, who invested a lot of effort into the new site.

Best regards

-Tobias Pape

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Check out the New Squeak Website