Coding is not fun

Very interesting article on Quartz about coding in general.

Coding is not “fun,” it’s technically and ethically complex

“[…] by expanding the labor pool, keeps industry ticking over and wages under control.” Shhh! Nobody needs to hear this.


2 thoughts on “Coding is not fun

  1. thats a really stupid article.

    this is another one of those things builds up coding, from two different things to only one of those things.

    you know whats fun? hang gliding. but do it without proper care, and youre dead. not so much fun.

    coding CAN BE very fun, and easy. have these people never heard of logo? it came from the most prestigious technology universities in the world, and is entirely aimed at children and teaching computer literacy– a level of literacy most people today do not have, for the sort of anti-intellectual mindsets quartz is pushing.

    you know whats not (always) fun? coding for a living. but thats not special, take ANY JOB made from your favourite hobby and try to do it for money, and thats not always fun. the article ought to be titled “working for a living isnt fun.” whoever wrote that is a tool. try logo, its not complicated and its a joy. NEXT UP: building with legos isnt fun– its serious work! (for some people.)

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