Joe Average Programmer

Tony You wrote an article about average programmers.

Programming Doesn’t Require Talent or Even Passion

Let’s hope the human resources people read this.


One thought on “Joe Average Programmer

  1. Nope. Talent comes from experience, and you can program (one might even say you have to) before that happens.

    And it is difficult to really be passionate about something youve never done– same argument as the other one. A lot of programming is like painting… if it gets the job done and isnt easy to tell that its not beautifully done, people are happy.

    Then again, if you can get more talented and passionate people, you might find that in the finished product. (You might not. Sometimes you do, and thats great.)

    But when youre hiring people, you want everyone to be above average.Everybody should be the best! So never look for talent or potential, only look for rock stars.

    Just like when you buy a car, dont even test drive something unless its the fastest, most expensive luxury car that money can buy. I take my gold-plated Lambo through Dunkin Donuts every day. (It gets me where I need to go.)


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