Replace JavaScript

Every time I read articles like the following from John Ankarström, I wonder why JavaScript is (still) so popular.

Let’s Replace JavaScript with Something Better

Well, to be honest, I haven’t done bigger projects in JavaScript yet. So I do not really know how bad it is.


For mathematicians, = does not mean equality

Math ∩ Programming

Every now and then I hear some ridiculous things about the equals symbol. Some large subset of programmers—perhaps related to functional programmers, perhaps not—seem to think that = should only and ever mean “equality in the mathematical sense.” The argument usually goes,

Functional programming gives us back that inalienable right to analyze things by using mathematics. Never again need we bear the burden of that foul mutant x = x+1! No novice programmer—nay, not even a mathematician!—could comprehend such flabbergastery. Tis a pinnacle of confusion!

It’s ironic that so much of the merits or detriment of the use of = is based on a veiled appeal to the purity of mathematics. Just as often software engineers turn the tables, and any similarity to mathematics is decried as elitist jibber jabber (Such an archaic and abstruse use of symbols! Oh no, big-O!).

In fact, equality is more rigorously defined in…

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Earn more with functional programming

This article gives an overview of a Stack Overflow survey about programming languages.

Developers love trendy new languages but earn more with functional programming

Should your selection of a programming language depend on how much money you can earn with it? I do not think so.